As state-authorized podiatrists, we at the clinic are members of Danish Podiatrists. It is your guarantee that we:     has a state-recognized and approved education     is trained to provide professional foot treatment, foot therapy and general foot care     manufactures individual foot insoles     treats ingrown nails by brace treatment     performs physiological and […]

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY? SPECIALIST CLINIC AARHUS ?? Ortoklinik is an orthopedic surgery specialist clinic located centrally in Aarhus, which offers examination and treatment of diseases and disorders of the hands, elbows, hips, knees and feet. VALUES Our values ​​are uncompromising quality, individual treatment, security and good time for the individual patient. We want to offer our patients […]

About X-rays All forms of medical imaging are beneficial to the patient if used properly. The referring doctor and the X-ray clinic will ensure that the X-rays used for the examination help to ensure that the patient is given the correct diagnosis and thus receives the correct treatment. The benefit of using X-rays far outweighs […]

PLASTIC SURGERY AT A PRIVATE CLINIC – AK NYGART IN COPENHAGEN, AARHUS AND LYNGBY AK Nygart Private Clinic and Private Hospital in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Lyngby specializes in plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. We place great emphasis on a safe environment, high professionalism and satisfied clients. At AK Nygart’s private hospitals in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Lyngby, […]

About PPclinic PPclinic is a private health clinic with departments in Copenhagen, Vejle and Aarhus. Since 2002, we have helped adults, adolescents and children with stress, depression and other mental health problems to get better and get back on track through talk therapy and treatment.  The two Ps in our name stand for psychologist and psychiatrist. The […]

AROS Privathospital is a private hospital run and owned by independent specialists. We offer specialist medical treatment in more and more specialties, and it is our mission to be able to cover most needs for top-qualified specialist medical treatment within a few years. For every specialty we expand with, our goal is to provide our patients with […]

At the Endoscopy Clinic, we offer examination of urinary tract diseases and gastrointestinal diseases performed by experienced specialists. Urinary tract diseases CystoscopyBinocular examination of urethra and bladder Flow measurement and bladder scanningMeasurement of the urine stream and residual urine in the bladder Prostatebiopsies Tissue samples from the prostate Gastrointestinal disorders Gastroscopy Binocularexamination of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum SigmoidoscopyExamination of […]

he staff at Maigaard Fertility Clinic in Aarhus and Odense have many years of experience in the treatment of infertility . We use recognized scientific methods and we have the latest equipment available. Amongst others we offer Insemination treatment (Insemination – IUI-H or IUI-D ) In vitro Fertilization ( Artificial Insemination – IVF , ICSI and TESE ) Egg donation Egg freezing Surgical removal of sperm Fertility counseling Midwife […]

Capio is a versatile, nationwide private hospital with six large departments on Zealand, Funen and in Jutland. Capio is a versatile private hospital with a wide range of medical specialties represented. With approx. 500 employees, more than 130,000 patient contacts and 15,000 operations annually is Capio Denmark’s second largest private hospital with wards in Hellerup, Odense, Aarhus, […]

Organisation Aarhus University Hospital offers specialised treatment to citizens in the Central Denmark Region and other regions in Denmark. Aarhus University Hospital is the local hospital for citizens in Aarhus city and the island of Samso. On 1 April 2011, the two somatic university hospitals in the city of Aarhus, Aarhus Sygehus and Skejby, merged […]

International Community – Your Network of Opportunities International Community supports expats and their families during their stay in the Aarhus region. We create social and professional networks to the benefit of expats through a wide range of events, seminars and online activities. 4,000 people are part of International Community including companies, international employees, accompanying family members, […]

Falck Healthcare has worked to create long and healthy working lives since 2001. Today we are with approx. 2,000 employees the largest provider of private health services in the Nordic region. Denmark: Across the market, Falck Healthcare provides both corporate health and health schemes to pension and insurance companies. We cover the entire country with our 135 […]