At the intersection of the Scheldedijk with the Zoetenberm, the Radar Tower stands out, which helps to keep shipping traffic on the Western Scheldt on the right track. A spiral staircase takes you to a platform, 8 meters high, where the harbor, the polders and the Scheldt lie at your feet.  Radar towers provide essential information […]

In the north of Beveren and across the border to Hulst, a lot of work is being done on the development of a cross-border tidal nature area with 4700 hectares of top nature, from brackish marsh areas to wet meadow areas and unique polder splendor. This contrasts with the busy port activity that prevails there.   Peace […]

Hof ter Welle is a Belgian castle and heritage house in Beveren , East Flanders . The history of this place dates back to the 13th century. The domain was transformed from a walled manor house in the late Middle Ages into a Renaissance castle in the seventeenth century. It was protected as a monument in 1974 . The domain was the seat of the families Vilain XIIII (1414), […]

The Hof Ter Saksen estate is a public educational nature park with hiking trails, on the border of Beveren and Haasdonk . The 27-hectare domain has been owned by the municipality of Beveren since 1982 . The estate consists of meadows, fields, a wooded area, an arboretum and a castle park. The castle park has a castle , a farm and an orangery . The rear of the castle tower is 36 meters high, as high as the St. […]

Cortewalle Castle (Dutch: Kasteel Cortewalle) is a moated castle in Beveren in East Flanders, Belgium. The location was called Ten Wallen, which became in French Cour-ten Walle, hence the name Cortewalle. The castle dates back to the 15th century, and is one of the oldest in the Waasland. It is built of white sandstone, in Flemish Renaissance style. Until the 17th century it was in […]

The fort Liefkenshoek is a fort and fortress near the former hamlet Liefkenshoek in the Belgian village of Kallo , part of East Flanders Beveren . It was a military fortress on the left bank of the Scheldt near Antwerp . In the period 1585-1786 it was an advanced post of the Republic of the United Netherlands . The fort is now owned by the municipality of Beveren and a protected monument since 1985. The fort was built in 1579 opposite Fort […]

Possibilities: Possibility of sleeping during the lunch break for our little ones. Separate outdoor play areas for our toddlers. Weekly swimming from the third kindergarten. A differentiated approach to meet the needs of every child. Philosophical courses of your choice. Kiva effect, preventive anti-bullying program. Broad school: after school hours, the art academy, sports department […]

The Zeppelin is a warm, open learning environment where your child feels at home . Newly built toddlers with spacious and bright classrooms, a covered play area and a direct connection to the garden Initiation French from 3rd kindergarten and French lessons from 3rd grade. Free choice of philosophy. KIVA project to monitor the emotional well-being of […]

Beveren is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders which comprises the towns of Beveren, Doel, Haasdonk, Kallo, Kieldrecht, Melsele, Verrebroek and Vrasene. The port of the Waasland is in Beveren, on the left bank of the Schelde, facing the port of Antwerp on the other side of the river. From Beveren it is possible to visit several historic towns and villages on the banks of river Schelde, and it offers a […]