Located in the centre of Catanzaro, this attraction is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the region and is dedicated to the flora and fauna of this region of Italy. Covering approximately 700,000 m2, the park has an extensive botanical garden, a military museum, a skate park, a children’s playground and a restroom and […]

Catanzaro offers a wide variety of attractions and sites. For those who are interested in historical structures Catanzaro has structures such as the Ponte Bisantis and the Chiese di San Giovani. Alternatively, for those who enjoy sunbathing and the beach, Catanzaro lies in close proximity to some world class lidos. Whatever your taste, this beautiful […]

The Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro is a university located in Catanzaro, Italy. It was founded in 1998 and is organized in three faculties. Organization The three faculties are: Faculty of Law Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Faculty of Pharmacy