The Institut Saint-Stanislas in Etterbeek (Brussels), colloquially called Saint-Stan or in a more Brussels way Saint-Slache , is a Catholic school belonging to the free subsidized network. The Institut offers kindergarten, primary, secondary The original buildings from 1903 are erected in a Gothic Revival style. The other buildings in a rather heterogeneous functional spirit. 115 avenue des Nerviens (main access to the classes, the playground, […]

Located in the heart of the Schuman district, ECSEDI-ISALT, the economics department of the Haute École Galilée, is a friendly, outward-looking school with a human aspect. Every year, the school welcomes around 700 students onto training courses that are directly linked to corporate life. Sections executive management modern languages tourism and leisure

The Cliniques de l’Europe have become a successful entity with 716 beds, through the merger of Cliniques Ste.-Elisabeth in Uccle, Deux Alice in Uccle, and Europe St-Michel in Etterbeek. The activities are therefore spread over these 3 geographic sites.The St-Michel site in Etterbeek, located near the European Communities, offers all specialties including maternity, geriatrics and psychiatry. Treatment […]

Cauchie House (French: Maison Cauchie, Dutch: Cauchiehuis) is a townhouse in Brussels, Belgium. It was built in 1905 by Art Nouveau architect, painter, and designer Paul Cauchie, in Etterbeek, next to the Cinquantenaire Park. Its facade is remarkable for its allegorical sgraffiti. At the very centre of the facade, Cauchie drew the words “Par Nous — Pour Nous” (English: By Us — For Us). The house was designed, from the very beginning, as a joint […]

Formerly located in the Chaussée de Wavre/Steenweg op Waver, Pierre Majerus’s workshops, founded in 1965, moved to the Avenue de la Chasse/Jachtlaan in 1980, to a former soap factory later converted into a garage. After passing through the big metal gate, you enter a courtyard where old glass-roofed industrial buildings are home to craftsmen whose […]

Etterbeek is one of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium). In common with all of Brussels’ municipalities, it is legally bilingual (French–Dutch). The main university campus of Vrije Universiteit Brussel is called Campus Etterbeek, although it is geographically not within Etterbeek but in the adjacent municipality of Ixelles. Sights Two Roman Catholic churches are located in Etterbeek: the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua and […]