The National Library of Finland is the foremost research library in Finland. Administratively the library is part of the University of Helsinki. Until 1 August 2006, it was known as the Helsinki University Library. The National Library is responsible for storing the Finnish cultural heritage. By Finnish law, the National Library is a legal deposit library and receives copies of all […]

JOLIER is a Finnish design brand for women that produces transformable and multi-fitting collections. Jolier was created in 2008 in Helsinki, Finland, by fashion designer Sveta Planman. The core concept of Jolier’s business idea is transformability in clothing and sustainability. Jolier clothes are either transformable or reversible. All pieces are one-size. Jolier collections are continuous and sold without […]

The Aurora Borealis appears under a huge doughnut shaped ring that is centred around earth’s magnetic north pole. Without entering too much into the science here, this means that if you travel to a location right under the “doughnut”, or Aurora oval (the green band on the image below), then you maximise your chances to […]

Lemmenjoki National Park is situated in area of municipalities of Inari and Kittilä, Lapland, in Northern Finland. It was founded in 1956 and has since been expanded twice. Its total area is 2,850 square kilometres (1,100 sq mi), making it the biggest national park of Finland and one of the largest in Europe. The park is named after the Lemmenjoki River, an 80 kilometres […]

Reindeer farm Petri Mattus is located in the village of Menesjärvi in between Lemmenjoki National Park and Hammastunturi wilderness area. The journey starts at the reindeer farm, at the herder´s home. You will be stuffed into the sledge where you will travel comfortably pulled by a snowmobile. The reindeer are free in the forest and […]

Siida is a museum located on Lake Inari in the village of Inari in Inari, Finland. It is home to the Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre. Siida arranges exhibitions on Sámi culture and the nature of Northern Lapland. In addition, Siida has an open-air museum open in the summers, which was originally known as the Inari Sámi Museum. The first buildings were […]

Posiva Oy is a Finnish company with headquarters in the municipality of Eurajoki, Finland. It was founded in 1995 by Teollisuuden Voima (60% of stock) and Fortum (40% of stock), two Finnish nuclear plant operators, for researching and creating a method of final disposal of spent nuclear fuel from their plants. For this purpose, Posiva is currently constructing the Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository, […]

A pearl of tourism in Satakunta offers diverse tourism services for private individuals as well as groups. Vuojoki Manor in Eurajoki is a pearl of Finnish architecture that offers diverse tourism services for private individuals as well as groups. Vuojoki Manor is a developing attraction that adapts to customer needs in the spirit of our […]

Karvio School is a primary school in the village of Karvio in the municipality of Heinävesi, South Savo , east of the Karvio Canal (grades 0-6). The school building, completed in 2010, also has facilities for a group family daycare center and home care.  In 2016, a total of 35 primary school students attended the village school. In addition, preschoolers study at the school. 

Varistaipale canal is a Finnish canal in Heinävesi. It is another of the canals which connects Juojärvi to Varisvesi. The canal is a part of Heinävesi route (Heinäveden reitti), a route with six canals: Kerma, Vihovuonne, Pilppa, Karvio, Taivallahti and Varistaipale canals. The canal was built in 1911–1913 and has four locks. It is the biggest canal in Finland being the only canal to have this many locks. The height of […]

The Hammastunturi Wilderness Area is located in Lapland, Finland. It was established in 1991 like all the other 11 wilderness areas of Finland. It covers 1,825 square kilometres (705 sq mi) situated in a fell and forest area between the Urho Kekkonen National Park and Lemmenjoki National Park. It is governed by the Metsähallitus. The history of the area comprises reindeer husbandry, Lapland gold rush, and later road building and settlements. […]

Inari is Finland‘s largest municipality (but one of the most sparsely populated), with four official languages, more than any other in the country. Its major sources of income are tourism, service industry and cold climate testing. With the Siida museum in the village of Inari, it is a center of Sami culture, widely known as the “capital of Sámi culture. The airport in Ivalo and the country’s key […]