Paris is the capital and most populous city of France, with an estimated population of 2,175,601 residents as of 2018, in an area of more than 105 square kilometres (41 square miles). Since the 17th century, Paris has been one of Europe’s major centres of finance, diplomacy, commerce, fashion, science and arts. The City of Paris is the centre and seat of government of the Île-de-France, or Paris Region, which has […]

The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design is a French museum located into a former 18th-century Bordeaux aristocratic mansion, which presents today a collection of Decorative arts and furniture. Since 2013, the museum also deals with modern design. The museography features several reconstitutions (in the spirit of American period rooms) as well as rooms in which display cases and antique furniture exist […]

The Hippodrome de la Côte d’Azur is a racecourse which is located in the town of Cagnes-sur-Mer. It opened with temporary facilities in 1952, and was officially opened in December 1960. The most prestigious trotting race is the Grand Criterium speed of the Riviera, which is one of the great classics of trotting season Europe. The big event of year though […]

In Sète, the jousts were born with the port on July 29th 1666. An old maritime tradition, therefore, a living culture itself, which has its own codes, its own vocabulary, its rituals, its music. Water jousting is a sport practised principally in France and also Switzerland and Germany. It is a form of jousting where the adversaries, carrying a lance and protected only by a […]

The Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum is a museum of Gallo-Roman art and archaeology in the town of Périgueux, located in the French department of the Dordogne. The Gallo-Roman ruins covered by a glass museum was constructed to protect a historical monument of France. You’ll traverse the ground floor of the domus with the help of raised walkways, looking down at painted plasterwork and mosaics and […]

The Villa Majorelle is a house located at 1 rue Louis-Majorielle in the city of Nancy, France, which was the home and studio of the furniture designer Louis Majorelle. It was designed and built by the architect Henri Sauvage in 1901-1902. The villa is one of the first and most influential examples of the Art Nouveau architectural style in France. It served as […]

The so-called Temple of Diana is a 1st-century ancient Roman building in Nîmes, Gard, built under Augustus. It is located near the gushing spring of “La Fontaine”, around which was an Augusteum, a sanctuary devoted to the cult of the emperor and his family, centred on a nymphaeum. Its basilica-like floor plan argues against it being a temple and there is no […]

It is located opposite the railway tracks of Narbonne station, close to the family cooperage, a small courtyard at the entrance, invites you to discover this house, with green shutters, where Charles uttered his first cries, brooded by Aunt Emilie. At 79, he donated his birthplace in Narbonne (For a fee). Since November 4, 2000, the […]

The Covered Passage of Paris are an early form of shopping arcade built in Paris, France primarily during the first half of the 19th century. Only a couple of dozen passages remain in the 21st century, all on the Right Bank. The common characteristics of the covered passages are that they are: pedestrianised; glass-ceilings; artificially illuminated at night (initially with gas lamps); privately […]

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica and often simply Sacré-Cœur, is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica in Paris, France, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Sacré-Cœur Basilica is located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city. It is a popular landmark, and the second-most visited monument in Paris. The basilica was designed by Paul Abadie.  […]

The Bois de Vincennes located on the eastern edge of Paris, is the largest public park in the city. It was created between 1855 and 1866 by Emperor Napoleon III. The park is next to the Château de Vincennes, a former residence of the Kings of France. It contains an English landscape garden with four lakes; a zoo; an arboretum; a botanical garden; a hippodrome or […]

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is an avenue in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France, 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi) long and 70 metres (230 ft) wide, running between the Place de la Concorde and the Place Charles de Gaulle, where the Arc de Triomphe is located. It is known for its theatres, cafés, and luxury shops, for the annual Bastille Day military parade, and as the finish […]