Fietsen Door Het Water, literally “cycling through the water”, is on a massive paved cycling network connected by “knooppunten”, or “nodes”. These are essentially junctions that help you plot your route through the countryside more easily. The cycle path is 212 meters long and 3 meters wide, with the water on both sides at eye […]

The Europlanetarium Genk is a people’s observatory and planetarium in Genk, Belgium. A scientific image of 570 million years geological history is reproduced here in an utmost pleasant style and this in such a way that it can captivate and appeal to both the specialist, the student or the passer-by. Seven monitors provided a planetarium show with various themes.  Schools especially appreciated this because […]

Karting Genk is a Kart racing track, located in Genk, a municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg, near Hasselt. It was founded in 1983. In 2005, it was completely restyled, in order to get a new FIA homologation. In 2011 it hosted the Karting World Championship. It will host this competition again in 2018. The track is a regular on the European karting scene, featuring technical corners […]

The Emile Van Doren Museum in Genk houses amid the original interior of Villa Le Coin Perdu a large collection of landscape paintings by the Brussels artist Emile Van Doren (1865-1949) and other landscape painters of the so-called Genk School are counted. The Muesum The story of the Emile Van Doren Museum begins in 1913, when Emile Van Doren and his wife Cidonie […]

Hoge Kempen National Park (Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen) is the first National Park in Flanders, Belgium. It is located in the East of the Province of Limburg, between Genk and the Meuse River (Dutch: Maas) Valley. It includes the elevated ground that defines the watershed between that river and the low ground of the drainage basin of the Demer river that covers most of Belgian Limburg. The habitat is mostly coniferous trees and heath […]

The Bokrijk Provincial Domain (Dutch: Provinciaal Domein Bokrijk) is a park and museum complex near Genk, Province of Limburg in Belgium. It is known for its open-air museum which displays a large collection of historical buildings from across Flanders which presents the history of rural life in the region. The domain is 5.5 square kilometres (2.1 sq mi) in area and also hosts an important botanical garden (arboretum), […]

The Hogeschool provides exclusively art-related university-level higher education, hence the name. It houses around 1,000 students across its academic provision, and can trace its roots back to the first foundation of a Sint-Lukas art school in 1880. The school offers master programmes (four years) across the disciplines of audio-visual arts, graphic and publicity design, photography and fine art and bachelor programmes in interior design […]

Genk is a town and municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg near Hasselt. The municipality only comprises the town of Genk itself. It is one of the most important industrial towns in Flanders, located on the Albert Canal, between Antwerp and Liège. Country Belgium Community Flemish Community Region Flemish Region Province Limburg Arrondissement Hasselt Government  • Mayor Wim Dries  • Governing party/ies CD&V Area  • Total 87.85 km2 (33.92 sq mi) Population   • Total 66,110 […]