What do Graz and Niagara Falls have in common? True, not easy to guess – it’s a cable funicular railway. The Schlossbergbahn cabins carry visitors up and down the central Schlossberg hill of Graz in just a minute and a half. Riding the steep incline of the track offers the odd thrill and wonderful views of […]

The mountains are calling, and I must go”. At 1445 metres not exactly the highest, but the Schöckl, local mountain of Graz, is an extremely popular destination. Featuring everything from steep slopes to an extended plateau, it holds an almost supernatural fascination for visitors. Many hike around it several times per week, ascend on their mountain […]

Sightseeing Tipps for your stay in Graz These sights are „must-sees“ during your stay in Graz. Discover our Top 10 sights in the Capital of Delight and drive with the Schlossbergbahn or the elevator up to the Schlossberg.Have a look at the cathedral of Graz or the Mausoleum nearby, too, before you can get up to the Burg & Double Spiral Staircase that is located on […]

We combine quality medical and individual care with a comfortable, hotel-like atmosphere. Medical expertise should be in the foreground when choosing a hospital, but other important aspects such as personal care, service and amenities also play a major role in a patient’s (general) well-being and speedy recovery.  Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital offers the best possible […]

Krankenhaus gesundheit & leben Die Elisabethinen betreiben ein gemeinnütziges Akutkrankenhaus mit den Abteilungen Anästhesie, Chirurgie, HNO, Innere Medizin und Radiologie. Betreutes Wohnen wohnen & leben Im Betreuten Wohnen gibt es 14 barrierefreie Mietwohnungen mit Betreuung für SeniorInnen, die kein Pflegeheim benötigen. Hospize wohnen & leben Die Elisabethinen betreiben das erste Hospiz – das VinziDorf-Hospiz – […]

Das Ordensspital im Herzen der Stadt Graz ist seit 1615 fester Bestandteil der Gesundheitsversorgung in der Steiermark, heute mit 487 Betten und 9 Abteilungen verteilt über zwei Standorte, der ersten und einzigen Gehörlosenambulanz der Region und einer öffentlichen Apotheke.

Die Geriatrischen Gesundheitszentren der Stadt Graz (GGZ) sind ein Kompetenzzentrum für Altersmedizin und Pflege. Unser Unternehmen gliedert sich in drei Geschäftsbereiche: Krankenhaus, Pflegewohnheime und Tageszentren sowie alternative Wohnformen für ältere Menschen. Wir bieten stationäre, teilstationäre und zunehmend auch ambulante Versorgung an, die sich sowohl über kurze Zeiträume als auch über mehrere Jahre erstrecken kann. Neben den altersmedizinischen klinischen Leistungen in Innerer Medizin […]

Graz University of Technology is one of five universities in Styria, Austria. It was founded in 1811 by Archduke John of Austria and currently comprises seven faculties. The university is a public university. It offers 18 bachelors and 33 masters study programmes (of which 16 are in English) across all technology and natural science disciplines. […]

The University of Graz, located in Graz, Austria, is the largest and oldest university in Styria, as well as the second-largest and second-oldest university in Austria. The university was founded in 1585 by Archduke Charles II of Austria. The bull of 1 January 1586, published on 15 April 1586, was approved by Pope Sixtus V. […]

Tushek & Spigel Supercars GmbH is an Austrian/Slovenian manufacturer of supercars, founded in Slovenia under the name ‘Tushek’ and based in Graz, in a former military airport, which includes of a private race track that is used for testing.[citation needed] The company was founded by Aljoša Tushek and Jacob Carl Spigel.

Puch is a manufacturing company located in Graz, Austria. The company was founded in 1899 by the industrialist Johann Puch and produced automobiles, bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. It was a subsidiary of the large Steyr-Daimler-Puch conglomerate.

Andritz AG is an Austrian plant engineering group with headquarters in Graz. The group gets its name from the district of Andritz in which it is located and is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Andritz employs more than 30,000 employees at over 250 production and service facilities. In 2017, the company reported a revenue of €5.88 billion, a gross profit of €3.27 billion and a […]