The St. Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatology is the successor of the State Medicinal Bath Hospital. The hospital’s services: Inpatient specialist care – with a regional catchment area, primarily Zala County – 39 active rheumatology beds (funded by National Health Insurance) 225 chronic, primarily rheumatic rehabilitation beds for patients from all regions of the country (funded […]

Lake Hévíz is located in Hévíz, Hungary, near the western end of Lake Balaton, 8 kilometres (5 mi) from Keszthely. It is the largest thermal lake in the world which is available for swimming (47,500 square metres (511,286 sq ft) in area). The flow of water is very strong and the water in the lake is completely replenished every 72 hours. Its minimum depth is 2 meters, […]

The city ​​of Hévíz in Zala county , in the district of Keszthely . Its main attraction is the warm peat water lake with a natural peat bed, which is unique in Europe , thanks to which the settlement is one of the number one tourist destinations in Hungary. Tourism  It bases the development of the city on tourism . With one million guest nights spent in commercial accommodation (2012), it is the second […]