The University Hospital Brussels (former name AZ-VUB: Academic Hospital VUB) is the hospital of the Free University of Brussels . It is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the VUB and works closely with the Healthcare Department of the Erasmushogeschool Brussel . These three, together with Health City, form the Medical Campus Jette . It is located in Jette , one of the nineteen municipalities […]

The Jette academy has nearly 1,500 students in dance, music and theater. These three areas punctuate the life of the school, the major projects and the shows that make all of its students and teachers grow. Because the academy of Jette is also a team of dynamic and passionate teachers, eager to share what drives them. They do […]

The former owner of Bois du Laerbeek, lawyer Eugène Van den Elschen, had the Chalet du Laerbeek built in 1908, a neo-Norman style building designed by the Liège architect Charles Castermans. The characteristics of the Neo-Norman style reside in a typical roof and numerous attics. Germans and British alternately occupied the chalet during WWII. The Brussels-Capital Region […]

Dieleghem Abbey is a former abbey in Jette, northwestern Brussels, Belgium. The oldest reference to the abbey dates from 1095, when the Bishop of Cambrai issued a charter in its favour. Initially administered by Augustinian canons, in 1140, the abbey’s monks switched to the rules of the Premonstratensian order. In the 13th century, the abbey now called Dieleghem possessed half of the commune’s territory and […]

René Magritte Museum (French: Musée René Magritte, Dutch: René Magritte Museum) is a museum in Jette, a municipality in Brussels, Belgium, devoted to the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The museum is located at 135, rue Esseghem/Esseghemstraat, in the house where Magritte lived and worked for 24 years, between 1930 and 1954. The ground floor of the house there is an apartment where Magritte and his wife Georgette […]

Jette is a town and municipality in the Brussels-Capital Region . The municipality has over 52,000 inhabitants. Jette primarily has a residential function; mainly families live there. The northwestern part of the municipality (between UZ Brussel on Campus Jette of the VUB and the King Baudouin Stadium in Laeken ) is clearly less urbanized and greener than the center. Jette has several parks and three forests: the Laarbeekbos , the Poelbos and the Dieleghembos . Sights Jette town […]