Palmieri stands on 500 years old tradition of production finest virgin olive oil. Collaborating with experts and renowned chefs, unique flavors were blended together to create a sensory experience. Palmieri desserts were born from synergy of bringing together the right ingredients to make Dessert wine with honey, Dessert wine with vanilla and most famous Dessert […]

The largest shepherds’ settlement in Europe. Herdsmen’s huts at Velika PlaninaThe end of spring is when the cowbells out on the Alpine pastures of the Velika Planina plateau start ringing, announcing the arrival of herdsmen. It’s a magical plateau with one of the largest herdsmen’s settlements in Europe. And you’re invited to learn about the […]

Kamnik is a town in northern Slovenia. It is the central settlement of the Municipality of Kamnik. It encompasses a large part of the Kamnik Alps and the surrounding area. The town of Kamnik has three castles as well as many examples of historical architecture. Kamnik, a town embraced by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in […]