Dačický Restaurant in Kutná Hora – old Bohemian alchemy in practice Try the fiery Dačický goulash with lard dumplings or roast turkey breast with red cabbage and potato dumplings with plum jam in the renowned Dačický Restaurant in Kutná Hora. The restaurant inherited it name from a famous historical character, the writer Mikuláš Dačický from […]

Dačický’s house, located on a sloping square in sight of the Stone Fountain, is a unique exhibit in itself. Its core is a pre-Hussite house, which underwent a generous reconstruction after 1500 for the Utraquist bishop Filip Villanuova, and which in the middle of the 16th century became the birthplace of the chronicler Mikuláš Dačický of […]

The Italian court used to be rightly called the “jewel” of the crown of Czech monarchs, and its charm and charm have survived to this day. The Italian Court is a former royal mint and royal palace, a national cultural monument of pan-European significance, with a thousand-year history. The original fortified seat from the end of the […]

The most important civic house in Kutná Hora The Stone House is one of the most valuable Gothic monuments in Bohemia. It is valued not only for its age but mainly because it is a testimony to how people lived and thought in its day.  The house was built between 1485 and 1499 for townsman […]

Minting coins in the royal mint The Italian Court became the centre of economic events, seat of the rulers and the royal mint, in which the first groschen were already being minted under the reign of Wenceslas II, who called in experts to Kutná Hora from the Italian city of Florence and started a currency […]

Kutná Hora, the silver treasury and a true gem of the country, was present at the very start of the boom in the Czech Kingdom. Architectural styles, unique buildings from various historical periods and a long history full of wine making. This is precisely what you will find in Kutná Hora, a city whose historical […]

The hospital in this form was built in the years 1938–1944, when the new hospital wing was added to the old hospital wing by the Prague architect Adámek, originally the infectious pavilion nearby was rebuilt into a children’s ward. Today, these buildings form the Kutná Hora hospital, to which a building with outpatient care has been […]

Kutná Hora is a town in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It has a population of about 21,000. Architecture The center of Kutná Hora and Sedlec Abbey with its famous ossuary are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is estimated that the ossuary is decorated with bones of more than 40,000 skeletons. Among the most important buildings in […]