The name of Lielvārde (Leenewarde at the time) first appeared in 1201 in the Indriķis Chronicles. There is, however, archeological evidence at Dievukalns that Baltic tribes inhabited the area as early as three thousand years ago. In 1992 Lielvārde was awarded city status. As a result of territorial reforms, in 2004 the city of Lielvārde […]

Working hours Mon.8:00 – 18:00Tue.8:00 – 17:00Wed.8:00 – 17:00Thu.8:00 – 17:00Fri.8:00 – 16:00 Smiltene is a delightful little town with beautiful parks, blooming streets and low-rise buildings enveloped in flourishing gardens. Smiltene stands out with the beautiful Abuls river valley and the surrounding park. Smiltene County was established on 1st July 2009 unifying Smiltene City and eight surrounding […]

Preili Municipality includes: Preili town, Aizkalne Rural Municipality, Peleci Rural Municipality, Preili Rural Municipality and Sauna Rural Municipality. The municipality was established on October 24, 2000 by uniting Preili town, Aizkalne Rural Municipality and Preili Rural Municipality. In 2009 Sauna and Peleci Rural Municipalities joined Preili Municipality. Preili Municipality area of territory: 364,41 km2 Preili town […]

In the north-east of Latvia, in the Aluksne highland, at the shores of Lake  Aluksne, stands a picturesque town with a rich historic and cultural heritage, with a contemporary feel and a dynamic growth.   Its location is strategically important – several routes to the neighbouring countries Estonia and Russia cross here. The territory itself is […]

City of Madona covers approximately 10.41 km2 and about 7646 people live there (as of 01.01.2021); approximately 87% of them are Latvians, but the rest are foreigners. Madona is the administrative center of Madona district. The district was founded in 2009 and it incorporates the City of Madona and 14 municipalities. This is the third largest […]

Tālava region was divided in 1224 and that’s when Gulbene came into being. In 1928 Gulbene was granted city rights, but a few years later Vilis Veldre (a Latvian writer) claimed that there would never be a city, because no one would build a house in such a swampy place. In 1930s Latvia had popular […]

Please select: Nature Culture, arts and crafts History Nature ->return to select again Caves Gutman’s Cave The largest cave in the Baltic countries and also the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia. On the walls of the cave, there are inscriptions from the 17th century. The legend of the Rose of Turaida began in this cave […]