Grandhotel Salva Litoměřice – romance on the River Elbe You can’t fail to miss the beautiful Renaissance palace decorating the main square of the royal city of Litoměřice. The Salva Guarda palace, dating back to the 14th century, nowadays operates as a hotel. Several famous people have stayed here in the past such as the […]

For more than 20 years of its history, our school has well prepared hundreds of students for work in the field that students have chosen to study. We emphasize the theoretical, but especially practical training of our students ,  who have no problem applying their knowledge in the labor market in the future. Join them. What else do we […]

Practical information: Normally accessible: noNormal opening hours: during exhibitions or by arrangement for groups. Blumentritt’s and Rizal’s bastion is part of the city fortifications.The bastion has undergone a complex historical development. After the functional demise of the walls and their gradual liquidation from the beginning of the 19th century, it was not maintained for a long […]

Litoměřice Square has been the core of the town since the beginning of the first third of the 13th century under Přemysl Otakar I. It has an irregular rectangular shape measuring 75-90 × 180-195 m and is quite large, about 2 ha. It proves the importance of the city in the Middle Ages, when the square […]

We present to you a modern polyclinic, which consists of private outpatient specialists in the field of gastroenterology, general practice for adults, gynecology, hematology and urology. You will also find a pharmacy directly on the premises of the Medical House. Doctors and all professional medical staff are ready to help you solve your health problems in a […]

An impregnable fortress in Central Bohemian Mountains. Standing in northwest Bohemia on a hill near Litoměřice, two towers referred to as White and Black are all that has been left from a castle, which in turbulent medieval times used to guard precious religious artefacts and serve as a seat of important noble families. Nonetheless, even […]

Romance on the Elbe Get to know one of the great European rivers right from the prow of a boat. The recently renewed boat transportation on this river offers trips through the picturesque Central Bohemian Mountains. View the cones of extinct volcanoes or the majestic Mount Říp, which according to legend stood at the birth […]

Litoměřice is a town in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 24,000 inhabitants. It lies at the junction of the rivers Elbe and Ohře, approximately 64 km (40 mi) northwest of Prague. The area within the Ústí nad Labem Region is sometimes called The Garden of Bohemia due to the mild weather conditions important for growing fruits and grapes. During the time of the Austro-Hungarian […]