Cospicua is the largest of the Three Cities on Grand Harbour opposite Valletta. Things to see and do Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception The collegiate church of the Immaculate Conception miraculously escaped the Second World War bombing that had destroyed most of this town. It is rich in treasures, and houses an […]

Passenger Up to the early forties, Malta enjoyed the facilities of airdromes which were built to serve the military roles of the British Empire. These airdromes were situated one at Hal Far, built in 1920 in the south of the island to cater solely for the purposes of the Royal Air Force. Another one was […]

HISTORY OF ĦAL-FARRUĠ Before actually starting to talk about Ħal Farruġ which is a hamlet it is good to know about the origins of these hamlets in Malta. In the 16th century we find reference being made to a number of hamlets around Malta with the prefix Ħal in the beginning of their name. Later on […]

Santa Venera is a city embedded in the largest urban area of the island, around Hamrun and Birkirkara.

Name & Motto Victoria is the name given in 1887 to the medieval town of Gozo. That year it was also raised to the status of a city. In Gozo, it is still known to one and all as Rabat. The city of Victoria embraces both the Citadel, the ancient city of the island, as […]

When literally translated to Maltese, Gzira means ‘Island’. It’s a central town with lots of things to see and do and a stone throw away from other major cities and attractions. In this article, we will list all the things you should know about this wonderful destination for your next holiday in Malta. Why stay […]

The town of prehistoric temples and fertility statues

Set along the seashore of Spinola Bay, Manakis Greek Taverna has perfected Greek cuisine, offering an amazing experience! It offers a harmony of flavours and regional wines, served in a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for hummus, tzatziki or souvlaki, Manakis is a must-try!