The astronomical clock of Messina is an astronomical clock constructed by the Ungerer Company of Strasbourg in 1933. It is built into the campanile of Messina Cathedral. The mechanism was designed by Frédéric Klinghammer, with the artistic design based on plans by Théodore Ungerer. Parts of the design are similar to the Strasbourg astronomical clock. It was commissioned by the Archbishop of Messina (Angelo Paino) […]

Messina stands resurgent, capable of enduring anything the Gods may throw at it. It remains the gateway to Sicily and stands proudly on its eponymous Straits,surveying the Calabrian hills across the water. Messina is the capital of the Italian Metropolitan City of Messina. It is the third largest city on the island of Sicily. The city’s […]

The University of Messina is a state university located in Messina, Sicily, Italy. Founded in 1548 by Pope Paul III, it was the world’s first Jesuit college and today it is considered one of the oldest universities in Italy. It is organized in 12 departments offering more than 80 Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees, over 20 […]