The Torrione Passari was commissioned by the University of Molfetta  in  1512 . It was initially a gunboat and later became a lookout tower. also known as Torrione Gadaleta or Torrione Nisio  The keep is majestic and compact. At the base, the walls are massive and reach a thickness of five meters which gradually decreases to the cordon, from where you climb […]

Molfetta suns itself on the Adriatic Sea in Puglia, midway between Trani and Bari. The port has always harbored an active fishing fleet, right up to today.  Molfetta is a town located in the northern side of the Metropolitan City of Bari, Apulia, southern Italy. It has a well restored old city, and its own dialect. HIGHLIGTHS During the Middle Ages Molfetta’s port […]