The unique taste of Haná: Museum of genuine Olomoucké tvarůžky in Loštice Try some genuine Olomoucké tvarůžky right on the spot where they are made. The tangy taste and aroma of these golden coins of maturing cheese will enchant all the gourmets among us. These delicacies were first mentioned in the 15th century. They are […]

A unique offer for unique guests. That’s the mission of the Entrée Restaurant in Olomouc. Be amazed by its unique nature-inspired concept that takes you into the world of theatre, plants and minerals. The combination of an original interior and professional service allows every guest to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience.The exceptional concept of the […]

Try this special cheese, which you can smell a hundred miles away but tastes just great. Do you know the old saying, the worse the cheese smells, the better it tastes? Try the smelly cheese of Olomouc and discover for yourself that this is true.In late-April, all lovers of really good and very “fragrant” cheese […]

FARMAK, as , is a purely Czech chemical-pharmaceutical company focused on the development, production and marketing of products from two product groups: active pharmaceutical ingredients – medicinal substances chemical intermediates and specialties From a long-term perspective, the production and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients play a key role in the company’s performance. The company is significantly export-oriented, […]

The set of six Baroque fountains is a unique monument of Olomouc. The large stone fountains bear figural decoration, drawing on ancient mythology. Today they markedly determine the contemporary face of the city. They are evidence of architectural and artistic development of the city, which had been almost destroyed in the Thirty Years War. They […]

The heart of the Hana region is very rich in monuments. The historic sights of Olomouc would surely be sufficient, but the region itself has also lots of attractions. The fairytale-like Bouzov Castle is located just about 35 km from Olomouc. Other well known castles include Sovinec Castle or Helfštýn Castle, renowned for its annual gathering of blacksmiths called “Hefaiston”. […]

A good address of the old Olomouc The Marian Plague Column, towering in the middle of the square like a petrified finger of time, and two beautiful Baroque fountains that look like ever-opened eyes of the old square – all of this framed by numerous historic houses and palaces that were built by rich townsfolk […]

The Heart of the City and the Guardian of Time The secular counterpart of the monumental Holy Trinity Column is the originally gothic building of the city hall dating from the 14th century. Its tall tower is the perfect place for watching the swarming streets as well as the elegant curves of statues on the […]

Since time out of mind, National cultural monument Hand paper mill Velké Losiny is an attractive destination for many visitors. In addition to the presentation of traditional manufacture production of paper and wide scale of original products, more than two decades it also offers rare view of history of this craft lasting for several centuries […]

A boat trip between stalactites: the underground River Punkva Come up to the surface – dive down again, that is the credo of the playful River Punkva, the longest underground river in the Czech Republic. The Punkva is a subterranean river in the area of the Moravian Karst, close to the famous Macocha Abyss, and […]

Get to know the pride of Olomouc – the Holy Trinity Column To create a monument of unrivalled size, wealth and beauty. That was what the citizens of Olomouc had in mind when creating the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc. This column, which was included in the UNESCO monument list due to its historical and […]

Olomouc University Hospital is one of the largest inpatient facilities in the Czech Republic. It is part of a network of nine teaching hospitals directly managed by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. It is the largest medical facility in the Olomouc Region and the sixth largest hospital in the country. The history of the second […]