The National Gallery of Umbria, on the third floor of Palazzo dei Priori, contains paintings by Perugino; Pinturicchio; and other artists of the Umbrian school, including Benedetto Bonfigli and Bartolomeo Caporali; as well as sculptures by di Cambio and di Duccio. It demonstrates the development of painting in Umbria from the Middle Ages to the 20th […]

Powerful Etruscan center and then an important medieval city, Perugia lovingly guards precious traces of its bright historical periods.  Perugia is the capital city of both the region of Umbria in central Italy, crossed by the river Tiber, and of the province of Perugia. Highlights The city is also known as the universities town, with […]

University of Perugia is a public-owned university based in Perugia, Italy. It was founded in 1308, as attested by the Bull issued by Pope Clement V certifying the birth of the Studium Generale. Organization With its 16 faculties and a vast selection of first and second level and single cycle degree programs, the University of Perugia offers its main courses […]

Ellesse is an Italian sport apparel company originally founded in Umbria, Italy in 19 June 1959 . It has been owned by British Pentland Group since 1987. History Ellesse was founded by Leonardo “Mantis” Servadio in Perugia, Umbria, Italy in 1959. The name Ellesse derives from Servadio’s initials, “L.S.” Ellesse grew in popularity during the 1970s as a producer […]