The past and present of GJW PRostějov was one of the three largest towns in Moravia on the threshold of the 1990s, and yet there was no grammar school. Its establishment has been underway since 1893. The Czech mayor Karel Vojáček and a member of the city council JUDr. However, Jindřich Stross did not receive a permit in […]

The company Ferrum Company sro was established in 2016, but we are based on many years of experience in the field of locksmithing. We provide custom manufacturing of metal structures, industrial doors and fences. We offer the design of an ideal solution, processing of an independent price offer, production, transport, turnkey installation. We provide a complete […]

This KENDRION Automotive location concentrates on the production of solenoids for the standard and mobile hydraulics.

The first efforts to establish a botanical garden in Prostějov are attributed to Václav Spitzner, a professor and later director of the Prostějov real estate. Spitzner founded the Natural Science Club in Prostějov and became its first chairman. He enthusiastically researched the regional flora and published a number of articles in his work. Unfortunately, he did not realize […]

CZ Clinic is a non-governmental medical facility providing multidisciplinary one-day care for larger operations with postoperative supervision until the next day. It is a new, modernly equipped operating room and a newly built inpatient department with a total of 11 beds, of which 3 beds are acute postoperative care. Each room is equipped with toilet with shower, TV […]

Welcome to the AGEL Prostějov Hospital and thank you for the trust you have shown in entrusting yourself to the care of our medical facility. We are prepared through our qualified experts and specialists, doctors, nurses and support staff to sensitively, considerately, with understanding and especially professionally help you to achieve and strengthen the most […]

Prostějov is a city in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 44,000 inhabitants. Today the city is known for its fashion industry and AČR special forces unit 601. skss based there. The centre of the town is historically significant and is protected by law as urban monument zone. History In the Austrian […]