Dansk Venecenter is a leading Nordic company within the development of gentle, effective and scientifically documented treatment methods for varicose veins. We value the care of you as a patient and help you to an increased quality of life – Where you are free from varicose veins. With experience from over 25,000 treatments and the clinics […]

At Nørmark Privathospital , we have only one goal, and that is happy and satisfied patients, and we place great emphasis on quality, thoroughness and care in a cozy atmosphere. Nørmark Privathospital has done well in the last National Survey for Patient Experiences, and the patient experience is a co-reason why Nørmark Privathospital is the winner of the […]

Practical informationUnfortunately, the clinic does not have access for the disabled. The clinic is located on the 1st floor with stairs. ParkingSchmeltz Square has 2 hours of free parking. Remember the parking disc. Waiting timePatients must have undergone widely differing eye examinations and therefore do not necessarily enter the order in which they arrived.We strive […]

Pfeiffer Plastikkirurgi is a cosmetic plastic surgery clinic located centrally in the pedestrian street Algade 4 in Roskilde.The clinic was newly built in 2018, which is why all facilities are state-of-the-art.With us, we offer cosmetic operations under local and full anesthesia, as well as the option of hospitalization. You are in safe hands You will be followed […]

Roskilde Maternity Clinic offers FREE high-quality midwifery care with well-known midwives throughout pregnancy, during childbirth and during the maternity period.  The clinic is run collectively by midwives with broad professional experience from the hospitals’ birth and maternity wards, home births, breastfeeding counseling and other private practices. To give you the healthiest, most loving and most satisfying […]

Roskilde Privathospital has existed since 1994 and is owned and operated by specialist Anna Jørgensen. We live in a completely renovated mansion, where we welcome our patients in cozy surroundings, where safety is always a priority. Our surgeons offer surgeries in the following specialties: orthopedic surgery in the field of public health insurance, plastic surgery, gynecology, […]

Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde (former name Roskilde Sygehus) is the main hospital in Roskilde on the Danish island of Zealand. It should not be confused with Zealand University Hospital, Køge (formerly named Køge Sygehus). Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde was founded in 1855, and as of 2014 it had 437 beds for in-patients and several specialist […]

Values ​​and vision School values Our set of values is built up in four areas: Kindness and helpfulness We take care of our school Security and courage to take new paths Involvement and co-determination Our entire value base can be found here. The school’s vision: At Absalon’s School, in committed communities, we create viable and democratic citizens […]

Trekronerskolen is a large primary school with approx. 900 students divided into schooling, intermediate level and schooling. There are three, four or five classes in each grade.  The school was built in 2001 and has since grown larger. It  is located in the eastern part of Roskilde and the school district covers the entire Trekroner. The school has approx. 100 […]

Roskilde University is set in the world to challenge the academic traditions and experiment with new ways of creating and acquiring knowledge.  We cultivate the project- and problem-oriented approach to knowledge development, because the most relevant results are achieved by solving real problems together with others. We cultivate interdisciplinarity because no significant problems can be […]

Du behøver ikke have planlagt hele din fremtid, når du begynder på Himmelev Gymnasium, men du skal have gjort op med dig selv, at du har lyst til at læse, lære og udvikle dig både personligt og fagligt. For gymnasiet handler om at få ny viden, om at fordybe sig og om at bruge sin […]

CAPA has almost 30 years of experience in training EASA approved professional pilots via the traditional ATPL pilot training. We place great emphasis on having a good professional training environment and are a leader with new trends in, among other things. education, technology and pedagogy. Pilot training and MPL (Multi-crew pilot license) are core competencies at CAPA, […]