The Italian Catholic Diocese of San Severo (Latin: Dioecesis Sancti Severi) is in Apulia. It is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Foggia-Bovino. The cathedral of San Severo, dedicated to the taking up (assumption) of the body of the Virgin Mary into heaven, was consecrated by Cardinal Vincenzo Maria Orsini, O.P., Archbishop of Manfredonia (Siponto). […]

The heart of the town is the Cathedral of Assunta, with the eighteenth-century pipe organ, together with three impressive monasteries: the Benedettine, Palazzo dei Celestini, seat of the Town Hall, and Palazzo dei Francescani, seat of the library, with more or less ninety thousands books, of the Diocesan Museum and of the Town Museum.  San Severo is […]