“Millésime Chocolat” has just started production in the heart of the Cité du fer. A real asset for the redeployment of the city center. A craft start-up which employs 10 people and which thanks to this new establishment will be able to increase its production. The installation of Millésime Chocolat in the heart of Seraing is also a […]

The Fort de Boncelles is one of twelve forts built as part of the Fortifications of Liège in the late 19th century in Belgium. The Fort de Boncelles is located about 8.3 kilometres (5.2 mi) south of the center of Liège. The fort forms an isosceles triangle whose base is 300 metres (980 ft) long and whose sides measure 235 metres (771 ft). A 6-metre (20 ft) […]

Jemeppe Castle, also known as Hargimont Castle (French: Château Jemeppe or Château d’Hargimont), is a castle in Hargimont, now part of the municipality of Marche-en-Famenne, province of Luxembourg, Belgium. It is known that during the Roman era a fortified villa was established in the region. The present castle is however of medieval origin. In the Middle Ages the manor of Jemeppe consisted of only […]

Val-Saint-Lambert Abbey (French: Abbaye du Val-Saint-Lambert) was a Cistercianabbey in the Prince-Bishopric of Liège. It is situated in the Walloonmunicipality of Seraing on the right bank of the Meuse, in Belgium, about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) southwest of Liege. Founded in 1202, the abbey’s monks were expelled during the French Revolution. In the 19th century, the building ruins were converted into the Val Saint Lambertcrystal factory. The structure is considered to be […]

Eurogentec is an international biotechnology supplier, based in Belgium, that specializes in genomics and proteomics kits and reagents as well as cGMP biologics. Products: OLIGOS PCR & QPCR GENE ANALYSIS ANTIBODIES PEPTIDES PROTEINS, DETECTION & LABELING Services: GMP BIOMANUFACTURING Services Overview GMP Plasmid DNA GMP Recombinant Proteins GMP Antibody Fragments GMP Protein Conjugates GMP CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS GMP Therapeutic Oligonucleotides GMP ENZYMATIC SYNTHESIS GMP IVT RNA Synthesis

Seraing is a Walloon municipality of Belgium in Liège Province. The municipality of Seraing includes the old communes of Boncelles, Jemeppe-sur-Meuse, and Ougrée. With Liège, Herstal, Saint-Nicolas, Ans, and Flémalle, it forms the greater Liège agglomeration (600,000 inhabitants). In addition to its steel factories, Seraing is home to the crystal manufacture Val Saint Lambert, which has been operating on the site of an old Cistercian abbey since 1826. The site of the Arcelor steel company, previously known as Cockerill-Sambre, is […]