Strakonice is a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Geography The town is located at the confluence of the Volyňka and Otava rivers. The municipal area comprises the districts of Dražejov, Hájská, Modlešovice, Přední Ptákovice, Strakonice proper (I and II), Střela, and Virt. The population is around 23,000. Close to the town is the natural […]

Every year, we admit approximately 14,000 patients to hospital and perform 130,000 outpatient treatments in more than 40 outpatient clinics. 700 to 800 children are born here every year, 5,000 operations and 9,000 hemodialysis are performed. The sole shareholder of the hospital is the South Bohemian Region. The hospital is developing, modernizing its equipment, facilities for patients […]