The Waldorf school develops the whole person – thought, feeling and will. The underlying idea is that the child’s path to knowledge of himself and the world goes from the hand, through the heart, to the head. At the same time, the school wants to help children find security and self-confidence.In school, the student’s full potential must […]

n Söderhamns there is a high school, Staffangymnasiet, which is part of Hälsingland’s education association. Hälsingland’s education association can offer a wide range of education programs. The wide range offers many opportunities to meet individual educational goals. Programs Children and leisure building and Construction Economy Electricity and energy Aesthetic Vehicles and transportation Business and Administration […]

Lindbladsskolan’s primary school has about 150 students divided into six classes from preschool class to year five. All students who go to school also have the opportunity to apply for a place at the school’s leisure center. At the school’s leisure center, all students get the opportunity for development and learning, they get to try […]

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA) (also known as Atelier Stockholm) is a school of fine art located in Simrishamn, Sweden. It was founded in 2006 as Sweden’s first school of fine art dedicated to traditional, realistic drawing and painting. Students are trained in realistic drawing and painting using traditional techniques and methods of […]

Our school is located in the southern part of Sävsjö urban area. We offer activities for students from preschool class to grade 6. We also have a special primary school for students from grades 1-9 and after-school activities. The school has a total of about 220 students and about 45 educators with different professions work. […]

Sandvikens Montessori School is an independent school approved by the Swedish National Agency for Education, which started in August 2001. In the autumn term of 2003, we started high school for primarily our own students, if space allows, we also accept students from other schools. We can also offer a leisure place for all children up to […]

Herrgårdsgymnasiet is a welcoming school where we work systematically and continuously for a future-oriented education. We look at the whole individual with the attitude that a good self-confidence and a stable set of values ​​give you as a student good conditions to shape your future. The school’s skilled and committed teachers together create a learning […]

For some educations, we have collaborations with education organizers, which means that we have our own study group located with us. If you study such an education, you come tous at Kunskapskällan to follow teaching, via video conference or web, to work with assignments together with your fellow students, to take exams and you also […]

At Breviksskolan, students in grades 7-9. The school is both centrally and close to nature and has about 350 students. We work in work teams around one year at a time, ie each work team has the same students for three years. We have our own sports hall, well-equipped home economics halls, music hall, wood, […]

Östhammar’s cultural school is a free, municipal, artistic and educational leisure activity. We turn to children and young people in Östhammar municipality from year 1 to high school and we offer music in preschool to all preschools. If there is space, people over the age of 19 can be admitted to the cultural school’s courses. Everyone over […]

With job satisfaction and commitment, educators work with students from preschool class up to and including grade 9.All employees are part of work teams. There is great competence and experience within each work team. Rödsleskolan is a wonderful school where both students and staff thrive! The rules of order at the school are part of a […]

Oscarsgymnasiet is Oskarshamn’s municipal high school located one kilometer from the city center. Oscarsgymnasiet has a wide range of programs with twelve national programs, several apprenticeships, individual programs and upper secondary special schools.  Our school also has Komvux, Lärvux and SFI. We are a school for both young people and adults. Here are opportunities to gain knowledge and […]