The establishment of the Study and Information Center of the school aims to introduce systematic education of information literacy of pupils in the conditions of the school, which includes teaching, graduation and extension fields, language school and consultation center of the Silesian University in Opava. In the study and information center, students will acquire abilities, skills […]

The dominant feature of the oldest preserved architectural monument in Tábor is the Kotnov tower , visible from afar , named after the legendary founder of the castle. Scientists still argue about the origin and age of the castle. The oldest written mention dates back to 1370, but it is almost certain that the castle was founded sometime in the […]

Aeroclub Tábor offers sightseeing flights over Tábor and its surroundings. Only when you see Tábor from a height of 300 m will you understand why the city had the reputation of an impregnable fortress. Discover the beauties of the South Bohemian Region from a bird’s eye view and look over the pond landscape of the Třeboň region, […]

About the Hospital The joint-stock company Nemocnice Tábor, as, is constantly striving to increase the level of provided medical services. in June 2015, the Tábor hospital received the CZECH Stability Award certificate for the second time . Tábor Hospital, as, achieved the highest possible level of AAA in the rating – excellent. The company is thus one of the most […]

Tábor is a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 34,000 inhabitans. It lies 100 kilometres (62 miles) south of the capital Prague, on the river Lužnice. Sights Though a large part of the ancient fortifications has been demolished, Tábor (or Hradiště Hory Tábor, the castle of the Tábor Hill, […]