The Morana nursing home in Marsala (Trapani) , authorized and accredited , right from 30.11.2007 published in the Suppl. Ord. n. 2 to the Official Gazette of the Sicilian Region n. 59 of 21.12.2007, for ordinary admissions in Neurology and Neuropsychiatry (from n ° 82347 of 09.07.1990), for admissions to Neurological and Neuropychiatric Day Hospital […]

The Scurati Caves (also known as Grotte di Scurati or Grotta Mangiapane) are an ancient settlement and a speleological geological site located in the municipality of Custonaci, in the province of Trapani (Italy). It includes a small village of houses that have been inhabited from 1819 until mid-1900s. The site includes a total of nine […]

Trapani has the shape of a sickle, Drepanon in Greek, and an enviable geographic location: between the two seas, beneath Mount Erice, near the archaeological site of Selinunte, in front of the Egadi Islands and the salt marshes. Walking through the old town, the signs of the passage of various civilizations over the centuries are […]