Since 1954, Pflaum & Söhne has shaped an entire industry in the Austrian corporate landscape. Even then, we appreciated the benefits of the material “steel” and used it to develop durable products for the future. Our first sandwich panels were made from pure Austrian steel, and we have maintained the focus on our regional strength […]

delfort is a privately owned manufacturer of specialty paper and printed products with headquarters in Traun, Upper Austria. As of 2016, the company employs over 2,300 employees worldwide and operates six mills in Europe and Asia, three converting plants in the US and Mexico, and six sales offices.

Traun is an Austrian city located on the north bank of the river Traun and borders Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, to the east. The name Traun is derived from the Celtic word for river (dru). Traun is the fifth largest city in Upper Austria, located in the district of Linz-Land. Educational Institutions Traun […]