School and its history The current educational subject – OA, SOŠ and SOU Třeboň was established by merging four schools – in 2004 SOU zemědělského Třeboň and Integrated Secondary School of Glassmaking Chlum u Třeboně, in 2006 SOŠ, SOU and OU Třeboň with SPŠ oděvní Třeboň and in 2012 SOŠ and SOU, Třeboň with Business […]

We founded RETRE, sro in 1996. We started as a custom glass processor and over the last 20 years we have become a major supplier of fire protection solutions with our own modern production base. We currently produce ANTIFIRE ®  fireproof glass and aluminum windows, doors and glazed facades. An open approach to customers and the highest quality […]

The flat landscape of the Třeboň region is a unique area in which traditional natural values ​​have been preserved and new values ​​have been created by human hands. In many places we can talk about a harmonious landscape, where even today human activities are in balance with nature.Geological subsoil Themineral wealth of the Třeboň region lies […]

The Třeboň Basin is one of the richest deposits of peat and bog in our country. Peat belongs to the so-called peloids, which are natural substances created by geological processes. Peat has beneficial effects on the human body and its properties have been used in spas for many years. It is on this natural resource that the local […]

Our new outpatient clinics provide comprehensive services – from basic outpatient and diagnostic examinations, through consulting activities, to specialized services. We have high-quality instrumentation at our disposal, which is an absolute necessity for correct diagnostics in modern medicine. Surgery Surgery A MEDICAL * Hotel Svět  (1st floor) * U Světa 750 * 379 01 Třeboň Connection phone surgery […]

Třeboň is a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Its population is around 8,200. The centre of the town is historically significant and is protected by law as Urban monument zone. History Třeboň was established around the middle of the 12th century. In 1366, the House of Rožmberk/Rosenberg became owner of the […]