Carnival is fast approaching and in Tržič as in other places we are already getting ready to drive away winter.  Date: 14. 02. 2021Place: Tržič, Tržič – old town centreType: Ethnological events, Entertainment eventsOrganiser: Jure Markič s.p. At 3 pm grownups from our municipality as well as others nearby can also display their originality, imagination […]

Tržič is a town in northern Slovenia, close to the Austrian border. It is the seat of the Municipality of Tržič. The Tržič area offers a wealth of trails affording breathtaking views to trekkers, mountaineers, climbers, moun-tain bikers, scouts, adrenaline lovers, hang-gliders, parachutists, ski mountain-eers, ski jumpers, snowboarders, fisher-men and hunters, as well as to […]