The Parc de l’Harmonie is a park in the Belgian city of Verviers , located on Rue de la Concorde . The park has real historical significance as the place where the first Fête de Wallonie was celebrated in 1913, commemorating the Belgian Revolution of 1830. This is now an annual celebration across the Walloon region, taking place on the third […]

Darcis Chocolat et Pâtisserie ist ein Hersteller von Ursprungs-Schokoladen und Pâtisserie mit Stammsitz in Verviers, Belgien. Jean-Philippe Darcis gründete die Chocolaterie Darcis 1996 in der belgischen Wallonie, die Zentrale ist bis heute in Verviers. 2016 wurde eine neue Manufaktur mit Produktion, Verwaltung, Museum und Café im neuen Geschäftsviertel Crescent d’Eau eröffnet. Im Museum werden die Geschichte und der Prozess der Schokoladenherstellung anschaulich dargestellt. Produkte […]

Verviers’ “Aqualaine” association runs two attractions in the centre of the city, for water “aqua” and wool “laine”. On the fashion side of things, the museum presents variety of media to highlight key milestones in fashion history. Every couple of years there’s a new immersive temporary exhibition here on a given topic. Up to 2021 […]

The college Saint Francis Xavier 1 (which has three official names: Saint Francis Xavier School Center , College of St. Francis Xavier and abbreviated SFX one ) is an institute Catholic secondary school. The college consists of a secondary section (from 12 to 18 years old) of 750 students (in 2011), and a basic school of 400 students including the primary and nursery sections.  Offer: […]

Charlemagne Verviers provides three training courses: primary school teacher, management assistant (languages ​​and management / medical option) and hotel management, management orientation.  TRAINING Agronomic Bachelors Agricultural techniques and management Horticultural techniques and management Bachelor in Garden and Landscape Architecture Masters Landscape architect Agronomy – bio-industries Agronomy – agronomy Agronomy – international development Agronomy – environment […]

Overlooked by almost everyone, the Walloon Belgian town of Verviers (pop: 55,936) was one of the first towns in the world outside Great Britain to be mechanically industrialised in the early 19th century, when British entrepreneur William Cockerill (and his son John) set up shop there in 1799. Verviers – which is set in the dramatic valley of […]