Hotel Mlýn in Velehrad: a pilgrimage site offering sport and wellness A family-run hotel close to the pilgrimage site of Velehrad near Uherské Hradiště offers much more than lodgings in a distinctive environment. You can choose from a wide range of relaxation packages: The “Elixir of Youth” will help you to unwind with exfoliation, a […]

One of the oldest film festivals for children takes place every year in the Moravian city of Zlín. The Zlín Film Festival is unique; it is one of the first film festivals of its kind and the largest. Every year it presents around 350 films from over 50 countries and brings about 95 thousand children […]

The Montessori Center was founded in 2006  for children and their parents . Our goal is to provide children with space to fulfill the potential of each child in a motivating free environment. We are based on a person’s inner need to learn, research and discover new things. We respect the individuality of each child, we let them work on […]

We have long specialized in smart card technologies, which we apply to highly secure solutions, especially in the segments of finance and e-government, but also in various transactional scenarios of the retail world, academia or healthcare. We are now transferring this experience to the new space of mobile technologies. We believe that, thanks to our knowledge, […]

Since its establishment in 1992, we have been engaged in the production of plastic products. During production, we rely on our own research and development activities, which reflect the requirements of our customers and the demand for new plastic properties. We currently have 245 employees. In 2018, we achieved a turnover of approximately CZK 1 billion. We export more […]

Obzor, výrobní družstvo bylo založeno ve Zlíně v roce 1965. Ve výrobních závodech pracuje asi 300 pracovníků. Firma se zaměřuje převážně na výrobu a distribuci drobných elektromechanických výrobků, dílů pro automobilový průmysl, kovových dílů, vstřikování plastů a výsek těsnění. Nabízí také služby v oblasti archivace a spisové služby v komerční spisovně. Společnost má oprávněni poskytovat […]

The way to explore eastern Moravia can be both non-traditional yet still on the other hand traditional. A unique water passage connects a calm cruise with the inspection of wine cellars, cycling through protected landscape areas as well as a trip to visit historical monuments. Currently, it is even possible to cross the border crossing […]

František Bartoš Regional Library in Zlín is the largest library in the Zlín region. There is more than half a million documents available. Visitors may choose from books, newspapers, journals, standards, maps, sheet music, music recordings, audio books, e-books, board games etc. Readers may also enjoy free online and wifi access and access to a number of databases.As the […]

The villa in the countryside of the spa park The building is one of the early Jurkovič Luhačovice creations (built in 1903). It is a newly built detached villa, located on the outskirts of the spa park. The virtually symmetrical building has developed wings on the sides. The historic character of the building is also […]

A spa fairy-tale scented with sweet waffles Enchanting buildings designed by one of the leading representatives of art nouveau architecture, freely accessible mineral springs that have been rising to the ground for centuries, or the intoxicating scent of freshly baked spa waffles. This is Luhačovice: the largest Moravian spa located near Zlín. A city where […]

Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU), is a Czech public university in the Moravian city of Zlín, comprising six faculties offering courses in technology, economics, humanities, arts and health care. The university was named after the entrepreneur Tomáš Baťa, the founder of the shoe industry in Zlín. With a current student population of more than […]

Barum is a manufacturer of rubber tyres, based in the Czech Republic. The Barum tyre company was created as a subsidiary of Bata Shoes who made rubber soled boots in Czechoslovakia. The high cost of rail transport prompted the Bata company to operate its own fleet of vehicles to transport goods by road and in […]