University of Ljubljana


The University of Ljubljana (Slovene: Univerza v Ljubljani), often referred to as UL, is the oldest and largest university in Slovenia. It has approximately 39,000 enrolled students.

RectorIgor Papič
Administrative staff3,500
LocationLjubljana and Portorož, Slovenia
AffiliationsGuild of European Research-Intensive Universities
Utrecht Network

Although certain academies (notably of philosophy and theology) were established as Jesuit higher education in what is now Slovenia as early as the seventeenth century, the first university was founded in 1810 under the Écoles centrales of the French imperial administration of the Illyrian provinces.

Main building of the University

In 1919, the university comprised five faculties: law, philosophy, technology, theology and medicine. The seat of the university was in the central Congress Square of Ljubljana in a building that had served as the State Mansion of Carniola from 1902 to 1918. The building was first designed in 1902 by Jan Vladimír Hráský, and was later remodelled by a Czech architect from Vienna, Josip Hudetz.

Faculties and academies

As of 2018, the university has 23 faculties and three academies, situated throughout urban Ljubljana:

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Academy of Music
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Arts
Biotechnical Faculty
Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social work
Faculty of Sport
Faculty of Theology
Veterinary Faculty
Faculty of Health Sciences

The university was initially located in the centre of Ljubljana where the central university building and the majority of its faculties are located. Later on, some new, modern buildings and a small scale campus were constructed in other parts of the city (Bežigrad, Vič, Brdo).


The University of Ljubljana has two university libraries. The National and University Library of Slovenia is the national library of Slovenia and the university library of the University of Ljubljana. It contains about 1,307,000 books and numerous text, visual and multimedia resources.

Another university library is the Central Technological Library, which is also the national library and information hub of natural sciences and technology. There are over 30 libraries at individual faculties, departments, and institutes of the University of Ljubljana. The largest among them are the Central Humanist Library in the field of humanities, the Central Economic Library in the field of economics, the Central Medical Library in the field of medical sciences, and the Libraries of the Biotechnical Faculty in the field of biology and biotechnology.


Univerza v Ljubljani
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