Solvay is a Belgian chemical company founded in 1863, with its head office in Neder-Over-HeembeekBrusselsBelgium.


Solvay is a main partner of Solar Impulse and has contributed research and development resources to their solar powered airplane project. That aircraft conducted its first test flight on 3 December 2009, and since then has made solar-powered flights from Switzerland to Spain and Morocco in 2012.

Fuel cell technology

SolviCore, a joint venture by Umicore and Solvay in the field of fuel cells is already pre-marketing membrane-electrode assemblies for different types of fuel cells for portable or mobile use.

New generation lithium batteries for hybrid vehicles components make use of Solvay fluorinated polymers in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Soil remediation

Novosol is a sodium bicarbonate-based process for treating and recovering mineral residues contaminated with heavy metals. 

Renewable feedstock

Solvay is working on the development and industrialization of the proprietary Epicerol process for manufacturing epichlorohydrin from natural glycerin.


Solvay SA - Corporate Headquarters
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