Adony is a town in Fejér county, Hungary.

The main tourist values ​​of the city can be found in its natural endowments, such as:

  • the Danube and its tributary with the Grand Island, a typical floodplain flora (protected plants, eg snowdrops) and fauna,
  • Danube hospitality with accommodation, water sports, fishing, hunting,
  • the Chapel of St. Orbán, with the cellars of the vineyard, wines made by excellent winemakers, local food specialties, accommodation,
  • horse riding, carriage rides, cycling and walking tours, getting to know the surrounding farms,
  • The cultural center and library in Zichy Castle and the park of the castle park full of ancient trees with sports fields.
  • fishing and bird watching at the tributary of the Danube, the fish lakes of Livia


Adonyi Joint Municipal Office
2457. Adony, Kossuth L. u. 4.
(25) 504-550(25) 504-550