AGEL Prostějov Hospital


Welcome to the AGEL Prostějov Hospital and thank you for the trust you have shown in entrusting yourself to the care of our medical facility.

We are prepared through our qualified experts and specialists, doctors, nurses and support staff to sensitively, considerately, with understanding and especially professionally help you to achieve and strengthen the most valuable human asset – your health.

In your treatment, we will use both the most modern knowledge of medical science and the knowledge of our experts, as well as modern equipment available to our hospital.

We would like to ask you to approach the treatment performed not only with confidence in the ability and expertise of our doctors, but also with the knowledge that your active cooperation with medical staff will also contribute to your recovery.

We guarantee the discretion and protection of all data about your person, as our employees are bound by law to maintain confidentiality of all facts that they learn in the course of their profession. The treatment will be approached with all discretion and with the utmost respect for your privacy.

We believe that even after the end of the treatment, you will continue to maintain your favor with our hospital and you will continue to visit us with confidence in order to prevent your health.

MUDr. Jiří Ševčík

Chairman of the Board

Company bodies

Supervisory Board:

MUDr. Marie Marsová, MBA (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)MUDr. Pavel Frňka (Member of the Supervisory Board)
Mgr. Libor Vrba (Member of the Supervisory Board)Martina Riedlová (Member of the Supervisory Board)
MUDr. Alexandr Trunečka (Member of the Supervisory Board)
Mgr. Dalibor Horák (Member of the Supervisory Board) 

Board of Directors:

MUDr. Jiří Ševčík (Chairman of the Board)Ing. Katarina Bučková, MBA (Vice Chairman),
Ing. Jiří Drábek (Member of the Board of Directors)

The sole shareholder:

Jungmannova 28/17
110 00 Prague 1, New Town


AGEL Prostějov Hospital
Mathonova 291/1, 796 04 Prostějov
+420 582 315 111