Agrofert is a Czech conglomerate holding company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. It operates agriculture, food, chemical, construction, logistics, forestry, energy and mass media industries in the European Union and China with over 250 subsidiary companies.

Most of them are owned directly by AGROFERT, a.s., the minor part of the portfolio consists of companies in which the maternal company has substantial influence. The companies of AGROFERT, a.s. operate mostly in central Europe: in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Hungary. Furthermore, it operates in another 18 countries and 4 continents.

In 2012 the consolidated profits of the company have reached 132.5 billion Kč. AGROFERT, a.s. is one of the biggest companies in the Czech Republic. Agricultural companies of the conglomerate manage 386,1 square miles of land in the Czech Republic. (Majority of the land is rented, that means 1,26 % of czech land or 2,84 % of czech arable land.)

Andrej Babiš has directed the conglomerate until January 2014 and owned it until 2017, he was forced to transfer ownership of company to two trust funds AB private trust I and AB private trust II controlled by his family and lawyers in order to comply with the new conflict of interest legislation passed by the Parliament. In 2017 the conglomerate employed 33 thousand people, 22 thousand of them in CR.


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