Alsózsolca is a town in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary.


  • Monument Reformed Church , built in 1792 in braid style . It was consecrated in 1795 and built by Miklós Báró Vay. The names of the Vays coincide with the history of the settlement, as the family has done much for the economic and intellectual development of the settlement over the centuries.
  • The crypt of the Vay family, (today’s name: Vay crypt) morgue : The monument, built in the 1800s, is the resting place of many members of the family, and the morgue has retained its original function. The morgue was made available to the village in 1974 by a descendant of the family.
  • Haller Castle : After the war, it operated as a school in the village, and later housed the Children and Youth Nursing Home. Today the building is empty, waiting to be used.

Educational Institutions 

  • No. 2 Day Care Kindergarten
  • István Fekete Kindergarten and Nursery
  • Herman Ottó Primary School and Primary School of Art in Alsózsolca
  • Dr. Ámbédkar School Alsózsolca Site 


The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times . Hungarians have lived on the site of the village since the 10th – 11th centuries . It is certain that after the Tartar invasion the oldest written record mentioning the name of the settlement dates back to 1281 . The wooden bridge here was the only crossing to Miskolc .

In 1296 from the Bánfalvi Bárius family, then the Vay family in the village was where both families temple was built. The inhabitants of the settlement lived mainly on farming.

During the War of Independence in 1848–49 , there was also a battle near the village, the Hungarians ran away from the Russian army. Artúr Görgey had his headquarters in the village for two days. Mór Jókai writes about the clashes along the Alsózsolca section of the Sajó River. He captures Lajos Gózon as a “hero of Zsolca” . “Lajos Gózon, a lawyer from Pest, who fought as a major for the war of independence, 1849 . On July 26, in the waters of Sajó, a squadron crossed to the right of Sajó with a volunteer army , and there he was surprised by the heavily fired Russian battery, which retreated in alarm. ”

The settlement received a city title in 2007 .


Mayor László Szilágyi
+36 (46) 520-020