Ansfelden is a town in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. The rivers Traun and Krems run through the municipality. The town is perhaps best known for being the birthplace of the composer and organist Anton Bruckner.

Ansfelden is the birthplace of the composer Anton Bruckner. So we come to pay tribute to him by passing by the house where he was born on September 4, 1824. A brand new Bruckner Centre was opened here in 1996. Other souvenirs of the prestigious musician can be seen in the village, including a bust made by a sculptor from Linz for the centenary of his birth and installed near the square bell tower church. Nearby is the tomb of the composer’s father.

Ansfelden has two museums, the Anton Bruckner Museum and a museum of musical instruments.

In the town’s coat of arms, granted on October 28, 1985, the wavy stripe represents the two rivers, the organ pipes the organist and composer Bruckner, and the cog-wheel the town’s paper-mills and other older industries.

Between 1945 and 1964 the DP Camp Haid was located in the district Haid.


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