Århus Statsgymnasium

Who are we?

At Århus Statsgymnasium, we place emphasis on creating a nice climate for students and staff as a framework for daily teaching. We believe that security in combination with professional and personal challenges is the prerequisite for any learning process. The atmosphere at the school and the relationship between the teachers and the students is very special for ÅSG – and the framework is also very special:

Århus Statsgymnasium is located in the western, but central part of Århus city. The students at the school come from many places; Hasle, Åbyhøj, the city center, the area around Charlottehøj / Katrinebjergvej, Harlev / Galten and partly Brabrand. At school there are approx. 820 students and 100 employees.

The school was designed by the architects Gravers and Richter and inaugurated in 1958. In 2003, the building was protected by the Danish Cultural Heritage Agency, especially due to “particularly excellent architectural values ​​that can justify the protection of a building that is less than 50 years old.” The building houses two of Asger Jorn’s main works: The large relief in the foyer and the tapestry “The Long Journey” in the party hall. Both works are created for the school. In addition, Per Kirkeby’s sculpture “The Laokoon Group” stands in Solgården.

The school has been thoroughly renovated and contains a completely new extension from 2013. In addition, a major renovation of the school’s sports halls is currently underway, and a new sports hall is being built, which will be inaugurated in the summer of 2016.


Aarhus State High School
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