AROS Privathospital

AROS Privathospital is a private hospital run and owned by independent specialists. We offer specialist medical treatment in more and more specialties, and it is our mission to be able to cover most needs for top-qualified specialist medical treatment within a few years. For every specialty we expand with, our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible personal service and treatment. With us, this means that our patients are associated with the same specialist throughout the entire process from the first consultation to the last check-up. At AROS Privathospital, we only offer specialist medical treatment, and only treatment methods that are completely up to date. Our flexible structure gives us far-reaching opportunities to meet the needs of our patients, even when it requires collaboration between several specialists.

As the only private hospital in Denmark, we can offer all types of specialist treatment of facial problems and diseases. This is possible due to the unique collaboration between the specialists in plastic surgery, jaw surgery, dermatology incl. laser treatment, oncology, as well as our skin care clinic for post-surgery.

We have in principle no waiting times and are therefore also one of the private hospitals where you can be treated free of charge via the scheme Free Hospital Choice, if you can not get treatment at a public hospital within one month. The private hospital is approved by the health insurance “denmark”, and also receives patients with other health and health insurance.

AROS Privathospital does not have an agreement with the public health insurance, and we therefore do not receive referrals directly from our own doctor.


AROS Privathospital
Skejbyparken 154 DK-8200 Århus N
+45 87 41 11 11