Ars Biomedica


Ars Biomedica
is a private clinic of excellence

An active center in the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of any pathology. Strategically located in northern Rome, it is housed in a large complex, equipped with the most modern equipment. But, in addition to its highly advanced technological equipment, the Ars Biomedica clinic stands out for the high profile, professional and above all human, of its medical team.

Because Ars Biomedica is a center dedicated to health,
but above all to the person.

The building where the Ars Biomedica clinic is now located originally housed “Villa Flaminia”
 , an excellent clinic, founded in the 1960s. After a period of inactivity, in 2010 the clinic changes ownership and is completely renovated with the aim of regaining a leadership role.

Inspired by a new sober and bright style, the spaces have been rationalized to ensure maximum efficiency. The structure is also proposed as a cultural reference point in the area, in fact in its rooms are held courses, presentations and entertainment activities dedicated to guests but also open to the public.


Ars Biomedica
Via Luigi Bodio, 58 - Rome
+39 063614941