Art Gallery “Durvis”


The gallery “Durvis” is an art space for the creative outlets of contemporary artists. It is located in a 1758 building, which at the time housed a pharmacy, the laboratory of the duke’s surgeon Johann Gottlieb von Groschke (1714–1777) and a collection of natural objects, coins and surgical instruments. The building at Tukums’ Freedom Square is included in the list of architectural monuments of national significance as the Old Pharmacy of Tukums, which has ties to the families of von Groschke, von Klein, Brederlo and Adolphi. The building’s restoration was based on architectural and artistic research and a restoration concept.

The gallery was opened in 1988 as the art salon of Tukums Museum, but it was renamed in 1997 when it moved to its current location, which still boasts many 18th-century architectural elements, such as the rococo-style door.

The gallery aims to make contemporary art more accessible to the general public by promoting not only
the creative works of renowned Latvian painters and applied arts masters, but also the efforts of new artists. The gallery sells artwork and applied art, as well as a vast selection of souvenirs and books published by Tukums Museum and the municipality’s citizens.


Brīvības Square 21, Tukums, LV-3101
+371 631 24312; +371 28391437