Aš is a town of Cheb District in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic.


Town Hall was built in 1733 in the baroque style, but in 1814 was burned out. In 1816 it was built again, according to the original plans.
Town museum was built in 1892, and was completely reconstructed from 2009 to 2010. A central evidence of stone crosses of Czech Republic is located in this building. Also a collection of 25 000 pairs of gloves is located here.

Salva Guardia Reichspost stone relief with imperial symbols. In these days it was part of the town museum’s gardens.
Watchtower Háj from 1902 to 1903 was designed by W. Kreis. The tower is 36 metres high.

Memorials and statues

Memorial with statue of Martin Luther from 1883, designed by J. Rössner is located on Hus plaza. Re-erected in 2008, it is currently the only Luther Monument in the Czech Republic.
Edvard Beneš memorial from 1947 is located on Okružní street.
Gustav Geipel memorial from 1924, designed by Johannes Watzal is located on Okružní street. Gustav Geipel was citizen of Aš (?-1914), who sponsored poor weavers, children and old people.
Theodor Körner memorial from 1903 is located close to watchtower.
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn memorial from 1909 is also located close to watchtower.
Robert Schumann memorial desk from 1901 is located at the school of art.
War Memorial (1848–1869) is located at the central cemetery.
World War II memorial is also located at the central cemetery.
US memorial is located on Masaryk plaza.
USSR memorial is located at the central cemetery.


There are five kindergartens, four elementary schools, a gymnasium, a special school and a school of art located in Aš. A few years ago, a high school of textile also existed here.


Municipal office Aš
Kamenná 473/52 352 01 Aš 1