Bábolna is a town in Komárom-Esztergom county, Hungary.

Bábolna houses the famous riding school, Pettko-Szandtner Tibor Lovas Szakiskola es Kollegium and a world-famous stud farm.


  • Its Roman Catholic church is already mentioned in the canonica visitatio of 1724 , but the time of its construction is unknown. 
  • Szapáry Castle , in which today the center of the Bábolna National Stud Farm is located. The Baroque style castle is the oldest building in Bábolna, a U-shaped manor house built in the 1700s. The castle was rebuilt in 1810, when the upstairs part was built, its current form was formed. In the garden of the castle you will find the Shagya horse statue, the famous old acacia tree (planted in 1710), a riding stables, stables with famous Arabian stallions, the Imperial Guesthouse.
  • Officer’s Casino Originally built as an inn and inn in 1758, the building was converted into an officer’s casino in 1902 in the eclectic style of fashion at the time. In 1995, Bábolna Rt. Renovated and established a representative café, restaurant and function rooms. There is also a museum presenting the history of the stud farm. Documents, maps, books, paintings, photographs, tools, utility items and diplomas can be seen in the museum, which presents the history of the stud farm. Previously, the exhibition was part of Imperial, as well as the skeleton of Ibn Galal VI. The visitor can get acquainted with the history of Arab breeding, looking back on two centuries of tradition, in one of the halls of the Equestrian Museum. From the Latin and German founding letters of the stud farm to the contemporary horse tools, there are many interesting things for those interested in horses. The other room belongs to the records, where the prizes won by the horses bred in Bábolna in various competitions can be seen. The most valuable of these are named after Imperial.
  • The riding school was built after the rise of the Napoleonic armies (1809). The meter-long walls, the glass windows decorated with the former stud stamp, the work of the artistic carpenter of the roof structure, the wrought-iron chandeliers and wall sconces can be seen in all their splendor today as a result of the renovation a few years ago.
  • Carriage museum located in the stud yard.
  • Gate of Heroes Built in 1938 by Tibor Pettkó-Szantner, opposite the Riding School. A replica of the gate of a small town in Bratislava County, Modor. The marble slabs on the wall of the passage in the War of Independence of ’48 and in the I. and II. they are reminiscent of the heroes of Bábolna who fell in World War II. From 1968, the tower also housed the hunting museum, which basically presented the wildlife of the Bábolna area. Unfortunately, the exhibition is no longer open to the public.
  • Millennium monument
  • Sculptures in the town: Joseph Csekonics , Robert Burger , Erdei , Mihály Fadlallah El Heda , most faithful comrade , St. John of Nepomuk , O-Bajan , Tibor Pettkó-Szandtner , István Széchenyi , Tessedik Samuel , Seated Woman , Seed , János Tóth , Vaskakas , Shagya .
  • Bábolna Arboretum and Animal Park was founded by Dr. Róbert Burgert. Of the 500 different species of plants, 335 are deciduous and 156 are evergreen trees and shrubs. One of its attractions is the mammoth pine planted in 1965 and the swamp cypress. 
  • Famous Horse Memorial Park , commemorates destroyed famous horses with headstone tombs. 
  • Chamber Theater with 175 seats. It was converted from a barn in 1982.
  • The monument to the battle of Bábolna commemorates the battle that took place on December 29, 1848 on the border of Bábolna. It was claimed in 1988.


Mayor: dr. Klára Horváth
2943 Bábolna, Jókai u. 12.
+36 34 / 568-001