Bácsalmás city ​​intheSouthern Great Plainregion,Bács-Kiskun county, the center of Bácsalmási district. The “Gate of Upper Uncle” of the city.


  • Roman Catholic (Exaltation of the Holy Cross) Church: Built in 1821 in the Classicist style. It was renovated in 1910 and expanded with side ships.
  • Holy Trinity statue.
  • Antonovits Mansion : Roman Catholic parish since 1858 .
  • Ulrich-Causher House: Built in the 1920s, based on the plans of Ferenc Kóbor. It currently features a Local History Exhibition .
  • Siskovics – Fischof mansion : Built in an eclectic style by Tamás Siskovics. Currently House of Collections.
  • Kovachich Mansion (former District Court).
  • Former convent of Kalocsa School Sisters: built in 1886 . Currently primary school .
  • Jewish school building.
  • Jewish cemetery and mortuary.
  • Roman Catholic (Christ Risen) Cemetery Chapel.
  • Reformed Church: Built in 1939 . Entrance to carved Szekler gate .
  • Calvary Chapel: Built in 1882 .
  • World War I memorial.
  • II. world war memorial.
  • Bust of poet Antal Evetovity : work by Ivan Meštrović , inaugurated in 1988 .
  • Kossuth bust: the work of Gusztáv Pálfy, inaugurated in 1986 .
  • Vörösmarty bust: the work of János Kalmár, inaugurated in 1983 .
  • Statue entitled Lantos Woman: by Jolán Humenyánszky, inaugurated in 1980 .
  • Monument to the peoples expelled from their homeland: the work of György Fusz, inaugurated in 1997 .
  • Typhoid statue.
  • Mill.


The grandmothers of Bácsalmás, i.e. “omas” are incomparably skillful housewives. If they want to please their grandchildren, they make a troll noodle out of some cottage cheese and eggs, which the little and big favorites whip with a lettuce or grandma’s jam while waiting. And what makes this noodle “troll”? From the curd in it, the surface becomes bulging, which is why it was given this nickname. 


  • Swabian Ball: Saturday, January 3rd
  • Próó: Saturday, February 2nd
  • The whirlpool of the Upper-Bácskai Peoples-Tastes: The sister settlements of Bácsalmás will be introduced at the event preserving the traditions of Bácskai. Visitors can get an insight into the culture of Poland, German, Slovak, Transylvanian, Serbian, Croatian and also taste the delicious food of the guests. 
  • Uncle- “Apple” Days
  • Farewell: Sunday after September 14th


Bácsalmási Joint Local Government Office
6430 Bácsalmás, Gr. Teleki József utca 4-8.
79 / 541-455