Bagneux, Hauts-de-Seine


Bagneux is a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris , France . It is located 7.7 km (4.8 mi) from the center of Paris .

 Mayor (2020–2026)Marie-Hélène Amiable 
Area14.19 km 2 (1.62 sq mi)
Population (2017-01-01)40.918
Time zoneUTC + 01: 00 ( CET )
 Summer ( DST )UTC + 02: 00 ( CEST )


Historians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries locate in Celtic or Germanic languages ​​the origin of the name of Bagneux that would have earned him its geographical location. They think that the village of “Bannes” limited the territory subject to the “royal ban”, namely the geographical limit within which the lord exercised his rights. Latin protesters lean towards a heritage of Roman civilization and its famous baths. No trace of thermal establishment has been discovered to date in the town. However, Bagneux has several springs and various water pipes have been found. So, ban or bath? The question remains.


Bagneux is served by Bagneux station on Paris RER line B . This station is on the Cachan side of the border between the commune of Bagneux and the commune of Cachan .


Primary schools include: 

  • 10 preschools
  • 7 elementary schools

The commune has four junior high schools ( colleges ): Henri-Barbusse, Joliot-Curie, Romain-Rolland, and École les Jacquets. 

The commune has one public senior high school, Lycée professionnel Léonard-de-Vinci . Other public high schools in the area: 

  • Jean-Jaurès Technical High School in Châtenay-Malabry
  • Maurice-Genevoix high school in Montrouge
  • Lakanal High School in Sceaux
  • Marie-Curie High School in Sceaux

There is also a private junior and senior high school, Groupe scolaire Saint-Gabriel . 


Cultural facilities

The Victor-Hugo cinema

The Victor-Hugo cinema takes place in the city theater of the same name. Each week, it schedules several sessions, dedicated to children on Wednesday and to all spectators on Monday. Its varied and high-quality program offers both animated films, award-winning films and thematic screenings dedicated to current events.

The cinema also participates in national events and certain initiatives of the city outside its walls.

In addition to its weekly programming, the cinema offers screenings as part of national events such as the Short Film Festival. A real moment of sharing between the inhabitants, it allows to discover international and Balneolese directors. Every summer, it organizes free outdoor screenings for families as part of Copaca’Bagneux. Finally, it offers sessions throughout the year followed by debates with specialists according to current events.

The Victor-Hugo theater

The Victor-Hugo theater is a performance hall that offers a multidisciplinary program, mixing contemporary theater, shows for children, dance, jazz music and humor, in particular supporting the Arts of the Gesture.
Accessible by its adapted pricing, the Victor-Hugo Theater also carries out numerous educational initiatives aimed at young people and adults from Balneol.
It also defends the place of women artists by carrying in particular for 3 years the Jazz au feminine festival.
Inaugurated in April 1978 at the foot of large buildings, the theater was sponsored during its construction by the great director Antoine Vitez.

The Victor-Hugo theater

Other cultural facilities:

  • The municipal archives
  • The smallest circus in the world
  • Louis-Aragon media library
  • The House of Arts
  • The House of Music and Dance
  • La Chaufferie music studio

Sites of interest

  • Château du Comte Beugnot , La Fontaine-Gueffier , supposed to be built for Richelieu
  • Gnomon (Instrument built in the 17th century)

Green spaces

With 47.35 hectares, more than 11% of the municipal territory is occupied by public green spaces. This represents 12.18 m2 per inhabitant, which is not so common in towns in the inner suburbs, around Paris. A diversity of green spaces that offers a wide choice of walks or greenery for Balneolais.

Outings in Bagneux

Discover Bagneux in two walks. The first route will take you on a bucolic journey through the green lungs of the city from the Parisian cemetery to the Lisette wasteland, passing through squares, parks and gardens.
The second stroll will invite you to follow in the footsteps of some famous artists, whose works can be found all over the city: Pierre de Graw, Philolaos, Albert Féraud… not to mention some elements of Balneolese heritage.

François-Mitterrand landscaped park

With its 6.6 hectares, it is the largest green space in the city, with the particularity of being managed like a natural space. This park has many species: acacias, maples and even some fruit trees. The green spaces department voluntarily leaves the leaves in the undergrowth in order to constitute a humus which enriches the soil. The artificial hill offers a magnificent panorama over the Bièvre valley and Paris.
In 2010, the municipality installed a new playground for children, and new ping-pong tables.

A dog park. This magnificent fun park, more precisely a free dog area, was fully funded by the City and built in June 2019: 300 m² fenced, with seven training modules. Develop their agility, their sociability and run as they wish. Bag dispensers for dog droppings are available at the two entrances to the dog park.

Parc François Mitterrand Bagneux

Other parks:

  • Square des jardinets – Statue of Solitude
  • Richelieu Park
  • Saint-Étienne Well Park
  • Gardens of the Maison des arts
  • Maximilien Robespierre Park
  • Gabriel-Cosson Park
  • Nelson Mandela Park
  • Rosenberg Park
  • Place Dampierre
  • The Fountain garden
  • Ilan-Halimi Garden


Allowing the greatest number of Balneolese and Balneolais access to the sport of their choice, whether in competition, at high level or as a leisure activity, this is the priority objective that the Municipality of Bagneux has set for itself. Our city has always known how to build a diversified sporting practice, open to all, modern and dynamic, which must be constantly evaluated in order to better adapt to changing expectations and needs. The City is particularly attentive to high-level practice and to encourage sportswomen. These last actions are carried out jointly with the Hauts-de-Seine department.

Sports equipments

To support its sports policy, the city of Bagneux has developed numerous infrastructures to enable sports to be practiced:

The Port-Talbot stadium, the synthetic field, the Janine-Jambu sports hall, the swimming pool are just a few examples and the program for the years to come is quite substantial.


City Hall
57, avenue Henri Ravera 92220 Bagneux
01 42 31 60 00