Bar & Restaurant Gasfabrikken


In Hede Nielsen’s old gas factory, we cook from scratch from local organic ingredients. We are the city’s only restaurant with the organic silver label, which is a guarantee for 60 to 90% organic ingredients.

Tonight we serve our four-course seasonal menu, which is always based on what is best right now. The menu changes every three weeks, and both beer and wine menus can be selected.

In addition, we have a narrow a la carte menu, with beloved classics, and there is also the option of tapas dishes with, among other things, own charcuterie products.

We have a wide wine and beer menu with many organic and biodynamic delicacies, and a cocktail menu where our Gin Tonic and Tom Collins on our own produced gin can be highly recommended.

Every Saturday we open the doors early for brunch, with lots of good cheeses, charcuterie, homemade cakes and sweet pickles served to an inviting self-service buffet.

Omelettes, Eggs Benedict and pancakes, on the other hand, we make fresh to order for each individual and should you feel like more, we are happy to make another round. It is a brunch that we are proud of and that we think is pure pampering.

Opening hours:

Tuesday: 12-14 and 17-22
Wednesday: 12-14 and 17-22
Thursday 12-14 and 17-22
Friday 12-14 and 17-24
Saturday 10-14 and 17-24


Bar & Restaurant Gasfabrikken
Levysgade 16 8700 Horsens
+45 75 10 10 18