Barcs is a border town in Somogy CountyHungary and the seat of Barcs District. The Drava River marks the southern boundary of the settlement.

Main sights

  • Roman Catholic church – built between 1814 and 1821
  • Széchenyi Mansion and its 3 ha park – built in 1875, located in Somogytarnóca
  • Jégmadár tourist boat – starts on every Sunday at 2 pm and travels 90 minutes on the River Drava showing the nature around the river
  • Dráva Museum – established in 1979, museum of the cultural and historical heritage of the people living in Inner Somogy and along the River Drava
  • Chapel of the Széchényi family – built in 1907
  • old juniper – protected since 1974
  • Spa and Recreational Centre of Barcs – 55 °C water rich in NaHCO3 from 1317 m deep. It is used to heal muscular problems and inflammation.
  • old Jewish cemetery
  • Kremsier Mansion in Belcsapuszta
  • Tree of Patkó Bankdi, the famous Hungarian betyár
  • Mermaid sculpture by László Komáromi


Besides tourism the production sector has also a significant share in the town’s economy. There are several production facilities of companies like the Hungarian dairy producer Dráva Tej, the wood producers Dráva Fabrika, DRÁVA Faipari Művek (est. 1878) and Magyar Plan (owned by the Italian FLORIAN GROUP), the Hungarian joinery manufacturer H-fa, the Hungarian communal machine producer Seres, the Hungarian meat producer Dráva Natura, the German-Hungarian industrial machine manufacturer AVERMANN-HORVÁTH, the Hungarian container producer Barcs Metál and the Hungarian electric network manufacturer Transzkábel.


Barcsi Polgármesteri Hivatal
7570 Barcs, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 46.
+36 82/462-459