Begijnhof Kortrijk


The Begijnhof in Kortrijk was founded in 1238 by Johanna of Constantinople . The intact medieval district is a combination of a square beguinage and a street beguinage (0.7 ha). Since December 2, 1998 , the Kortrijk beguinage has been part of the cultural and natural world heritage of UNESCO as part of the group registration of Flemish beguinages.

This complex for lay religious women, set between the city’s two main churches, was ransacked several times, notably during the epochal Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302. The 41 houses all date from the 17th century, and you’ll be able to make out the home of the Mother Superior (Grootjuffrouw) by its double-stepped gable.

The ground floor of the Sint-Annazaal, with a distinctive corner tower, houses an experience centre explaining the significance of this site and beguinages in general.


City of Kortrijk
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